This entry is going to break format in many ways.

  • First, it's going to list a variety of related sites, creating a collection of our own
  • Second, no screenshots of the reviewed sites
  • Third, no real reviews to speak of - just a list and a few word about what they do
  • Finally, these really aren't weird in and of themselves. But who thought the Web would be a place people go to in order to learn a subject?

Here is a variety of site that offer to teach you something. Most are entirely free, although they will hit you up for a donation now and then. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of these, so if your favorite isn't listed, please accept our apologies. The Doctor only has so much time to surf and write reviews...and these days he prefers the former. - learn a language in five minutes a day - Math, Science, Finance, Music - it seems that Khan Academy intends to become Khan University! - learn to program in just about any computer language - another programming site, but with all emphasis on web-based tech - video training for design, photography, programming, business and more


We hope these give you a start on a career, a career change, a hobby or a fun way to stay out of trouble on rainy days.

If you'd rather read random content and not worry about "learning" per se, you can go to's Random Article link and find something interesting....weird!