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Subtitled "Tips and Tricks...for Hungry Chicks", Hungry Girl delivers - and Dr. Weird Web is not thinking pizza. With a variety of recipes aimed at helping women win the battle of the bulge, Hungry Girl has a hip and casual approach to eating, dieting and having a good life. The power behind Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, admits she is not a nutritionist or a doctor. In telling her story, Lisa admits to being obsessive about food:

I love food because food is delicious. My mantra, as many of my friends know, is "I'm hungry!" Because I obsess over food, I learn about it, read about it, research it, dream about it. Nothing gives me a thrill like discovering a new low cal snack or assembling a no fat pizza! Over the years my food obsession has caused me to accumulate approximately a zillion diet and food tips, and because I am not only hungry, but also very nice, I want to share them with you.

With a daily email, a collection of weekend survival tips, videos, recipe make-overs, and a collection of books for sale, it appears that Hungry Girl has all the resources many women would need to reach their goals. The doctor is curious, however, about what makes these resources "hungry chick" only material. Would "hungry dudes" need to look elsewhere? Ah, another search term to look for!

Hungry Girl